Ikat pillow - A-15

Ikat pillow - A-15

65,00 € TTC

Front : SILK IKAT / Back : SILK IKAT

The silk threads are individually dyed by hand. The dyed threads are then woven by hand to create our patterned fabric. 

<Specifics of Ikat production>
*The threads are woven into very large originally patterned fabric segments.  The length of each individual Ikat segment  measures a narrow 45 centimetres (max) wide while at the same time up to 30 to 45 meters in length.  From this very large segment of patterned fabric, individual pillow cases are then cut. The pattern on individual pillow cases can vary slightly due the location of the cut.
*The white lines sometimes found in the Ikat patterns are a natural result of the hand weaving process. 

The pillow cases are sold without insert. 

Square / Rectangle